Est. | Heirloom Photography | 2012

The Experience


Before your Session:

✼ Once your retainer fee is received, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with an attached DETAILED information sheet containing everything from wardrobe suggestions, grooming, what to expect and all the rules and technical stuff relevant to your particular type of shoot.  This will prepare you in order to get the most out of your session.  You will also receive a model release form and a contract that must be signed prior to your session date.

✼ We will be e-mailing back and forth a bit so I can learn more about you and your child in order to customize a shoot just for you!  I put a lot of thought, research and planning into every single photo session.  This is the time to think about anything special you would like to do or any items of sentimental value you would like to include in your photos.  I love hearing client ideas and will do my best to take your vision into consideration while I am developing mine.  You will find that a session with me is very personal and it will shine through in your final photos!

During your Session:

✼ Relax!  Come to your shoot with a good attitude and be ready to have fun!  Trust in me that I will get the good shots you are wishing for.  I will take the lead and you just be yourself.  There is no need to be nervous!  When working with children and babies, it is best to keep it light and fun so that we get relaxed and natural photos.  Don’t be surprised if we do some running, jumping and funny faces to get the little ones to open up.  Allow me to instruct and I will ask for your help when I need it.  Occasionally, I may take the kids away from their parents a bit to relieve the pressure of having to “perform” for mom and dad.

✼ Sessions can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.  Newborn sessions take 2 to 4 hours depending on the baby.  When working with children, I find it better to be a little more laid back on timing for they need time for breaks, rewards and snacks in order to stay relaxed and happy.  I am completely fine with waiting a few minutes for them to regroup:)

✼ My sessions are very relaxed but fast paced.  There is normally a good amount of walking around to get a good variety of locations and lighting so keep that in mind while choosing your shoes and outerwear.  I normally schedule my outdoor sessions during the magic hours of daylight…sunrise and sunset.  This is when we get the most beautiful lighting and is completely worth it to get one of these times!

✼ Mom, Dad or anyone else (besides me of course) is prohibited to take pictures at my shoots with a camera, phone or any other device.


After your Session:

✼ You can go home and relax and dream about all the unique and beautiful images that will soon be yours!

✼ I go through the images from your session and select the best.  I am looking for the most perfect.  I usually narrow it down to about 20 to 25 images, often more including the black and white conversions.

✼ Once I have the “final cut” selected I go through each individual picture.  I look to correct any blemishes.  Tiny details like acne, redness or fuzz on shirts are corrected.  My process also includes some stylistic enhancing editing to give the photos that special glow or interesting detail.  I choose some of your images to convert to black and white as well.

✼ Your images will be ready within 3 weeks.  Once they are completed, I will send you an email and you can view them in your own online personal gallery.  You may order your prints and merchandise from there directly.  All your prints and merchandise will be delivered to me and I will e-mail you when they arrive.  If you live close by (within 15 minutes drive) I would be happy to hand deliver them to you.  If you live farther away, I would be happy to send them in the mail.  Otherwise you are always welcome to come and pick up the images yourself.

✼ For digital files I will provide a usage license so that you can print your images at the lab of your choice without any hassle.    You will need to have it with you when you place your order and / or when you pick it up.  The license does not give you full copyrights to your images.  It simply allows for printing and using your images in products you might want to purchase.   Your disk will contain 2 folders labeled “For Print” and “For Internet”.  The images in the “For Print” file are of a much higher quality for printing.  The images in the “For Internet” folder have been resized for the net and have the “Knighton Art Photography” logo watermark on them.  If you use them on the internet, they MUST have the “Knighton Art Photography” logo watermark on them.  Editing my photos in any way on your own, including Instagram, is prohibited by law.  I am happy to change an image to black and white for you, etc. if you simply ask:)

✼ I often put a couple of “sneak peeks” from your shoot up on my Facebook page within a week and a larger share from your session on my Blogsite!  Feel free to tag  yourself in these photos and share them with your friends and family!  In exchange, I ask that you encourage for friends and family to “Like” my business page on FB!